Bottom Line (2014)
Bottom Line (2014)
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Forever Yours
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It was an okay read. I was really hoping for more. I thought that Mallory's friends were incredibly annoying - and probably only because they didn't really factor into the story line until there was a confrontation and so it was hard to find their anger justifiable since these were characters that were suppose to be her best friends, but were never really around. I also had issue with Mallory herself because it seemed to me that the author couldn't make up her find about what kind of personality she was going to have, and so by halfway through the reader is introduced to a couple of different personalities of Mallory's only to discover that there were still a couple more coming. I won't be reading the other books in the series. The Bottom LineMallory is a High School teacher that has had a long hard year. Her husband leaves she has been ill and now she needs to start over with her life. Her husband left lots of projects to finish in the home when he left and now she wants them done. She asks a friend if they might know a contractor that could do the repairs. He has her call Ben. Ben goes to give an estimate on some repairs that need to be done to Mallory. He really needs the job as he has a daughter to take care of. When he starts to work on the repairs at Mallory’s the build a friendship that he wants to see if it can be more. Although he is not sure he is ready for that as is ex-wife was a not the best.As they the friendship grows Ben sees the fear and pain that Mallory is hiding. Will she let him in? Can he win her heart?I loved the emotions in this book as they are real in some lives. This may be because I know what it is like to survive illness and to try to live one’s life. This is a very moving story on what it is like to move on from pain and let life take you where it wants.I look forward to more in this series.
I fell in love with this story and the couple. Review to come later
what a story! I cried like a baby a few times.
Not my fav. Seemed too slow.
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