Bound By Deception (2008)
Bound by Deception (2008)
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Loose Id
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What the fuck?After Vincent's treatment of Cameron, I couldn't even bring myself to finish this. Although true to life, the hypocrisy of frequenting a brothel multiple times, and then dismissing them as whores and trash afterwards is not what I want to see in romance heroes. It's amazing to me that Vincent could be so worried about "Jake's" situation (whether he was a prostitute out of desperation) and then literally a page later, disparage Cameron for being a slick seducer....uh hello, isn't that Cameron's JOB? The job YOU had been PAYING him for not a month earlier, before you discovered innocent Jake? And if we're going the desperate-prostitute route, isn't it conceivable that Cameron had been "innocent" at one time, but had hardened due to the nature of his situation???Vincent can fall off a cliff for all I care. Fuck that guy. I was introduced to Ava March for the first time when i read Thief and have been in love with her books ever since! It was kind of short but totally worth reading .. A very hot yet in some way, touching story. It kinds of shows what a person would be willing to do, in order to be able to have a chance with the person they love... It got to me the fact that Oliver was willing to do this type of thing to be with Vincent. Looking forward to the next book!
This was my first historical romance. Ok book. Not sure I really like historical. Prefer modern day.
Oh my - very hot, very intriguing characters, I definitely need more!
See my review for book two in the series 'Bound To Him'
Hella kinky defines it.
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