Bound In Death (2013)
Bound In Death (2013)
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Cynthia Eden
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And I've read another, yes again in one sitting, Cynthia Eden's writing is addictive. Once I opened this book again I was glued to the spot, barely getting up to eat and drink it was enthralling as all of her stories are and I was glad to find this one was even more than previous ones I've read of hers. I've read many of hers and I love the paranormal romance she portrays in most of her stories but this one had so much more twist and turns power, love hate and lust and for that I loved it even more. The characters again never disappointed ok there were times I was annoyed at Keira/jane for being so weak but then she had been in a paralysed state for 200 years she had every right to be afraid of almost everything, I loved watching her confidence fro was her memories grew. I'll be looking for more of Cynthia Eden's work. Last book in the Bound series, I really did not care for this story. The characters weren't fleshed out that well, and considering this was a longer book than the previous four stories, I'm surprised at how little character development there was. I felt no real connection to either the H or h. Alerac acted like nothing more than a neanderthal and Jane, don't even get me started. You know nothing about your past, some huge dude with weird glowing eyes shows up all Creeper McCreeperson, basically forces you on the run and doesn't tell you why, yet you still manage to fall into bed with him?
Another enemies to lover tale filled with vampires, werewolves and betrayal. Really enjoyed it!
Again Cynthia Eden writes another amazing book!!
3.75 stars
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