Bowl Full Of Cherries (2014)
Bowl Full of Cherries (2014)
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Dreamspinner Press
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ok, let me start my review saying i LOVED rell...a lot! i love his happy go lucky, fly by the seat of my pants, do what makes me happy attitude. i love that he has such a wonderful attitude and love for life even after being told what a slacker and idiot he is by his family (to whom he's very close) for most of his adult life. he is completely misunderstood and under appreciated - until crowley walks into his life. (sidebar: i absolutely LOVE his nickname for crowley!)crowley is so sweet and kind hearted, his struggles really break your heart. he has always struggled with his weight and even though he is controlling it better now, the emotional damage was done long ago and is still not healed - until he meets rell and his family. the two of them together are absolutely perfect for each other and i hope they are together forever! all of the secondary characters are fantastic! rell and tyler's family makes me wish i had a big family like that to be a part of! tyler is probably more of a main character than secondary. his relationship with his twin makes you laugh out loud quite a bit but you know the love is there. and tyler and crowley truly love each other as only best friends can.the epilogue is a bit of a tease and leaves you anxious for the next story! I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't like this book more. It reminded me about how I felt about "Unwrapping Hank." It has ingredients that I usually enjoy: an imperfect, shy MC; wackyish family gathering; GFY; sly humor. Something was missing though, maybe the passion. I didn't feel it between Rell and Crowley. Rell had nary any angst over his sudden feelings for his twin's best friend. Crowley didn't question it either. It seemed they were both there, so why not go for it? I didn't feel a deep connection between these two.Both MCs were sweet and rootable. Rell was an unapologetic slacker, and I liked that about him. Crowley suffered from body image and insecurity issues. I hurt for all the rejections he'd suffered. I wish more time had been spent on what should have been a emotional, twisty, angsty journey not solved by a few pictures. More post-holiday scenes would have been welcome, to see how these two functioned as a couple and to see if Crowley's new attitude was permanent.I also found Rell's twin Tyler, with his pretentious, hipter ways, more attention-grabbing than either MC. So I was happy the epilogue promised his story next Christmas.
This was a lovely story - Parts of this story really resonated with me.
3.75sweet characters and a well developed story line.
Lightweight but sweet.
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