Break My Fall (2000)
Break My Fall (2000)
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4 EASY READ STARS! I enjoyed reading this quick light read. Leah is a strong young woman who is looking for a fresh start from her past. Then she meets witty, charming, quirky, HOT Drew. He gives her a new way of looking at life "What I mean is, life is nothing more than what's around you at any time, and what you choose your life to be." He opens her eyes and she learns some of his secrets. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for light quick read. ~ Leslie Break My Fall by J.T. Cameron is an excellent book about a young woman who closes herself off from the world and changing her outlook on life unexpectedly. Leah is old woman who moved to Charleston from Florida. Leah was taken advantage of by the one person she thought she would feel forever with. Her boyfriend, Kevin showed the world their most intimate moments. Leah was humiliated and decided that the summer was the perfect time to get away from it all, where no one knew who she was until she had to return for her senior in college. Leah enjoyed surfing and between that and working she kept herself busy and away from people. Until Drew, a young man living in Charleston, knew he was attracted towards Leah. He had to see where it ended up. Leah closed herself off from people but especially any man trying to be with her but Drew was pursistant, although respectful. Drew wanted nothing more than to help Leah with whatever it was that she was dealing with. They both had their own secrets they wanted to keep but in order to get close to Leah, Drew had to be the one who spilled his first. Leah was shocked at his honesty and didn't really know how to take it. Break My Fall shows two young people who have been hurt in the past and don't want to pursue what is right in front of them. J.T Cameron shows write the pull Drew and Leah have towards each other very well. This book doesn't show the perfect love story, but it shows the truth on how hard relationships can be with a broken heart. J.T. Cameron did an excellent job with this book.
Nothing dramatic happened. no hot scenes. likeable storyline.helped pass the time, glad it was free.
Good quick read. Refreshingly not stupid like the other $.99 Kindle books in this genre!
book & author now identified in my library as Unwreck Me by Kate Dawes. (???)
DNF for me. I couldn't get into the book and I skipped around.
wow what a great read. holy drama.
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