Breaker (2000)
Breaker (2000)
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I just loved Breaker! You really couldn't ask for a better ending to a great series! There was part of me that didn't want to finish reading because didn't want it to be over and yet I needed to know how it all ended. We do find out who the Shadow is, and I was surprised and yet not surprised by who it was. I mean, it really was perfect, but there was a small part of me that thought it would be someone closer to everything. I'm glad it wasn't, because that would have been horrible, and yet that's totally what I was expecting. There were a couple of character deaths that had me completely shocked, and one, I had to go back and re-read a few chapters because I couldn't believe I missed it...only to not see even the slightest of hints. Maybe I need to re-read it again to see if I can find it...Anyway, it really was a heart-breaking but hopeful end to the series, and I really want things to work out for Kendra, with being called to the ocean and then coming back with no memories...I hope they come back! Because I really want her to remember things. Rating: 5 stars for being an awesome book that really tied everything together. Part I:Basically, every single thing that could possibly go wrong, DOES. It is one colossal screw-up after another. No matter how prepared Kendra tries to be, The Shadow is always five steps ahead and chaos is left in his wake. Every move made is just another part of one giant riddle that Kendra can't seem to solve. How many more will she lose before she breaks? And thus, all depart into Part II.Part II:The events of this part can be summed up in one word; torture. Whole, encompassing, and entirely dominating torture. It is both physical and mental. Though the mental torture leaves the deepest scars. And yet...even still, out of that pain came hope. Endless riddles and questions bring about answers to the prophecy; answers that Kendra has been searching for. And still, more questions that need to be answered. Who will she have to end to bring about a better beginning? And thus, the end is upon us.Part III:The final part of this book was a mix of fear, hope, and triumph. All of the pieces have been put into place, and not all they need is the push to move forward. And so the war finally reaches its climax. More loss is yet to be had and none are safe from Raveling's uncompromising will. In the end, there is but one final question for Kendra to answer; Who are you after everything you have always known is gone?Overall:I was incredibly pleased with the conclusion of the Ondine Quartet. It was definitely worth the long-standing wait. I'll admit; I was not very happy about the multitude of deaths that awaited me in this finale. NO ONE IS SAFE. That is all that I will reveal about that. I was happy with the way everything resolved itself and with the answers to all of my agonizing questions about what The End would look like. That prophecy though; sheesh!! Cryptic much? Ah well, All's well that ends well, I guess. What an epic conclusion!!
one of the best endings to a series!!!
This book was perfect and beautiful.
Really good. Almost 5 stars.
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