Breathing (2009)
Breathing (2009)
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0670011231 (ISBN13: 9780670011230)
Viking Juvenile
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This was a quick read and a nice little story. The part that bothered me was the dialect....and the fact that the main character is the top of her class. The two just didn't go hand in hand. It kept referencing how she is one of the smartest.....but, then the language she used made me wonder if the author realized this fact she kept pushing on us was hard to believe. I understand dialects are different in every place of the world, but that part just made me wonder what the other students were like if she was the smartest..... The Southern writing style drove me plumb barmy for about 40 pages until I mentally cast a couple of actors I liked. My favorite thing about this book was the minor kerfluffle about her being 15 to his graduated-18 (just enough age difference to make it interesting but not wrong), after which the book did exactly what I wanted it to do and then some (asthma-related hospital stays, hunkering down from a tornado, that sort of thing). I finished too fast and had to go back and reread portions to soak up all the love. Do you know how rare legit perfect relationships are in YA fiction? Hint, they are rare.
AMAZING!!! OMG a definate must read!!! super cute love story...i loved it!!!! =D =D
had to discontinue..totally not interested!!
i loved it!!
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