Bridge To Never Land, The (2011)
Bridge to Never Land, The (2011)
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Aidan and Sarah Copper find some old papers with a mysterious kind of code it was inside a secret compartment of their father's antique English desk . Was the First thing I remember of this book , It sounded like this book was going to be a adventure book . My most important characters were Aidan and Sarah , my favirote character was Aidan . I love how the two Main characters in this book go on a quest that will challenge them to solve a series of puzzles . The two main characters go to Never Land where they meet Captain Hook , Captain Hook is a pirate captain who is stuck on Never Land . Okay, I have a lot of feeling about this book. See, I was perfectly content with the Starcatchers series being a trilogy, but I couldn't say that I wasn't excited about the fourth one coming out about three years ago. It wasn't as good as the other three, but it was a nice addition to the series that I've probably read more times than Harry Potter (which is quite a lot).This book was interesting. My friend told me about it a while ago but I didn't really know what she was talking about until I saw it Barnes and Noble yesterday when I was browsing through the children's section (yes, I still do that. It's fun.) I read the back and needless to say, I was super excited. In fact, I squealed a bit because this book is my dream. All the things that happened in the Starcatchers trilogy (I still refer to it as that, shhh) were TRUE. Not to mention the main character, Sarah, not only got to travel to Neverland but she got to go there with a hot physics professor. I mean, how wonderful would that be? That got my fangirl going so I just HAD to read it. I was very pleased with it and actually finished it in less than twenty-four hours because it was such a page turner. The suspense was written very well; at parts I had to really focus to keep my eyes from dancing around the page because of all the suspense. But not only the suspense, the authors really filled in the holes that the original Peter Pan novel and the movies left. The seclusion of the island. That was really cleverly done (especially since I love science fiction with all my heart) and I really appreciated all the science behind it. All in all, I really really loved it. However, there are a few pet-peeves for me. First of all, Tinkerbell's narrative wasn't put in there, which I loved in the other books. Tink is utterly hilarious and I was rather disappointed that her snide little remarks were left out. Second, and most importantly of all, the timeline when it came to travelling to and from the two universes didn't make any sense. See, I love time travel things like that but I'm really picky about the details. I follow Doctor Who pretty well (Moffat's timelines are always really twisty and confusing but REALLY REALLY thought out and planned well) and I found myself overthinking the time issue and seeing all the holes with that that I felt needed to be filled. I cannot fully explain myself because one, I am not a scientist and two, because I don't know how to properly articulate to you the thoughts I'm thinking on the subject. Just know that the time issues didn't make any sense to me (and not because I was looking at time from a linear perspective) and that is one of the main things that didn't make me totally and completely impressed with this book.Overall, 3/5 stars to a good addition to the series that I loved when I was younger and will continue to do so.
This was a great companion to one of my favorite series. I loved the way they tied in Disney.
I love all things Peter Pan, and this is no exception! It's a great series!
It was a fantastic ending to the peter and the star catchers series
Read with my 9-yr-old. A little long, but we both LOVED it!
Though it's long I was captivated by every page
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