Brie Visits Master's Italy (2013)
Brie Visits Master's Italy (2013)
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Wow! Very intense to read and watch Brie struggle with worthiness and a love beyond her personal needs. Brie is young and I love how Sir knows how to navigate and guide Brie to grow into her fullness. They both sacrifice in healthy ways to get the other to the next level personally and in their relationship. Brie's willingness to step aside for Isabella was both sad and lovely. Even though Brie is immature and impulsive it is exactly what Sir needs to believe her love is true...just like she needs his stability and strategic thinking. They are perfect complements to each other. It has taken me quite awhile to get myself to read the final two parts of the After Graduation serial. To be perfectly blunt, I've not been enjoying it as the the previous one. Brie's adventures in the Submissive training centre, though not exactly believable, were quite unforgettable and made for a fun read. I haven't had that much luck with what happened afterwards. I'm aware I gave positive reviews for AG, too, but now I think it was probably me trying to keep my enthusiasm for Brie & Sir's love affair. However, I have had some problems with from the get-go. Firstly, the suspense was lost for me. Part of the fun while Brie was in training was guessing which Dom she would pick to offer her collar to. Now that that is known, I'm not really wondering about anything. Sure, there are some parts added to create some mystery, but they aren't working for me. I actually preferred Sir in the previous serial when he was all closed off, surrounded by an air of mystery. I particularly liked that he was a man of few words. I'm not really a fan of all the things he said in AG. All this combined was the tipping point for me to take a break from Brie. To be exact, it was Sir calling his mother a beast that completely cooled me off.Secondly, there was much less kink. In first Brie serial, there was so much going on with so many people, and now it's very sparse and honestly not as nearly as entertaining as before. Even when something good gets on the way, Sir or Brie manage to ruin it for me by saying something so, so, so cheesy. So cheesy. Ugh. I'll say again, I preferred the quiet Sir.Thirdly, the formal talk. I find it weird the way Brie and Sir talk to each other now that they are in a committed relationship. I suppose it was somewhat understandable before when they were a headmaster and a student, but now it's plain weird. That is also the problem I had with almost all of the characters. They were all so formal.Fourthly and fifthly Brie was often too childish, and I did not care for where Ms. Clark's character was taken: the only Domme in the sea of Doms, and she got that. I wish their community was more... colourful. Case in point would be this part of AG. I know this is more of a review for the series -- one that I've used mostly to vent -- but it applies perfectly here. Also, I do know that I usually give two stars to books I didn't like but feel bad giving one star, but here I really do mean what Goodreads says about the two-star rating: it was okay.
it gets better & better!! can't wait for the last book to be out.. So sad it will be over soon
I left my review on Amazon Ill go get it and post.(:
Finished the series in a day...SUPER HOT!
Lizntodd to come..
Excellent as usual!
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