Briefe An Gott: Eine Bewegende Geschichte Voller Inspiration Und Hoffnung (2011)
Briefe an Gott: Eine bewegende Geschichte voller Inspiration und Hoffnung (2011)
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3865915809 (ISBN13: 9783865915801)
Gerth Medien
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I picked this book b/c I love true life stories and anything faith or inspiring. When Maddie's husband was killed b/c of a drunk driver and then her young son Ty was diagnosed with a serious, aggressive form of brain tumor, her mother was always there for her, assuring her of God's enduring, unshakable love, His plan and purpose for us no matter what our situation. Even at 7, Ty put up a brave front, during his illness, like his Daddy before his dad was killed, he began writing letters to God, asking God to please help those around him - his mail carrier (Mr Brady) who has a story of his own, his neighbor who is pregnant and her husband is fighting abroad, for his brother who is angry over the loss of their Dad and Ty's illness, for their Mom who "doesn't laugh anymore," and numerous other people. This is a sweet, and inspiring story of a young man who placed his faith all in God, the story of a young child who touched lives everywhere with his letters to God. I highly recommend to this book and movie to anyone regardless of their faith. Letters to God is so sweet! It was very sad & I cried. It was a perfect family but an event with the dad left them helpless. The stay-at-home mom had to find a job. The mailman,was a huge drunk and his life was going down hill. He was failing on his job and went to the bars each night. When the boy, Todd was diagnosed with cancer I dropped out in tears. I loved Todd's bestfriend Sam. She stuck up for him, they had a great friendship throughout the book. The mom was depressed in most of the book which gave a downing and make you melchlony. But he was a very happy, positive child. It was very though provoking. The boy began writing letters to God and the mailman didnt know what to do, so it goes from there. I liked it! :) It was a very easy read, took me about 2 to 3 days. It didnt make me want to pick it up, it was a light read that I read through bordom. :D
beautiful book about a beautiful boy and his amazing faith. LOVED IT.
This was a wonderful book. Looking forward to watching the movie.
This was a beautiful story, but keep the Kleenex handy.
Very easy and good book!
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