Broken At Love (2013)
Broken at Love (2013)
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This book made me so uncomfortable. The hero was incredibly manipulative and I felt slightly abusive that I couldn't continue reading. Both Sebastian and Quinn are not good guys at all. The frat they're part of also seems like a bunch of ham-headed idiots banding together and taking advantage of girls and being pushy with them. I don't understand why the hero should be given a shot let alone forgiven. I am upset. Yeah he's hot but how we can ignore the fact that he's a complete asshole. And how they all set up the chance meeting between all the girls he has to fuck like that makes it even worse. I had to stop reading. Maybe one day I will come back to it and attempt to finish it but right now it made me feel icky and incredibly uncomfortable so I'm gonna shelve for a while. This series has been on my TBR list for quite some time, and I finally delved in this week. I wasn't surprised to find that I was flipping pages quickly and waiting to see where Quinn and Emilie took their story. I love the interactions between the two of them, and the fact that Emilie isn't ignorant and completely unaware of Quinn's tendencies. She goes into the situation believing she has her feelings under control, but she never expects to fall for a guy with his reputation. She also never expected to see glimpses of the real Quinn hidden behind his playboy image.This story is sexy and fun and keeps you guessing where the story will take you next. I look forward to reading more from this series!
I would say 4.5 stars. It was a delightful rom-com with just enough drama.
Pretty average read, I guess.
Loved this book!!
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