Brotherband: Scorpion Mountain (2014)
Brotherband: Scorpion Mountain (2014)
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While I really loved this book, it didn't really have the feel that I think a last-book-of-the-series should have. The whole matter with Lydia, Hal, Stag, and sort-of Ingvar, was never really concluded, and I really wanted to see a solid end on the point. Really, I'm probably just disappointed that noting much happened of the romance front. Action wise, this book was perfect! I sincerely recommend this series to anyone. And, although I wish there would be more books, so I could have a better ending, I am satisfied with how this series played out. 4.5 stars. Hal and the Heron crew are serving a duty ship for Araluen. King Duncan asks them to join Ranger Gilan to avert an assassination assignment by the Scorpion Cult to kill Princess Cassandra. First, Thorn stops a deadly arrow on a hunt in Araluen, and then they head off to the deserts of Arrida, where they make base in an abandoned city. Hal keep Ingvar in the Brotherband with a creative invention, and then designs a land yacht to race through the desert. Filled with many skirmishes, we get to see our favorite characters continue to rely on each other, including Kloof, the horse-sized dog.
A novel with the Brotherband and a Ranger? A winning formula, and a fun read.
Another amazing book by John Flanagan. Hal's inventions are so awesome.
Another great, exciting read by John Flanagan
can't wait for next adventure
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