Brothers To The Death (2012)
Brothers to the Death (2012)
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0316078735 (ISBN13: 9780316078733)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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This book by Darren Shan called Brothers to the Death was also great. This story also took place in a mystical place with vampires and vampeneze. The main characteris also Larten Creepsley except he is a little be older trying to protect his kind from different enemies. The enemies and main character is real to me because of when they used characterizationof thoughts and feelings show what Larten thinks in his mind and what feels about them. They seem real because of how the intense scenes they had in this book like hand-to-hand combat fighting for something. I like this book because of how the author makes it suspenseful of what would happen next. Well, Darren Shan, you've done it again. Absolutely fantastic.I had a really hard time finding a copy of this book; and I'm slightly annoyed that the cover doesn't match all of my other books in this series. For some reason they never published the last book in the covers I have, which is annoying because I can be a bit OCD.But this book, oh my gosh. It's been so long since I read the one before it; I'd forgotten how much I love Darren Shan's writing. He's one of the only writers whose plot twists continuously surprise me. I love it. It was lovely slowly meeting people that I recognise from the series these books are based on, 'The Saga of Darren Shan.' They're all so well developed, and witty! The shots that they fire at each other all the time are hilarious! I loved this book- absolutely loved it- and I recommend that anyone and everyone reads it! (after you've read all of the others first, of course)
More like 4.5.But still so, so, so good! I love Larten!
ya no hay mas cirque du freak, mi vida se acabó.
i now understand why larten is the vampire he is
It s the best in this Series.
F SHA solc bk.4
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