Böğürtlen Kışı (2013)
Böğürtlen Kışı (2013)
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When I started listening to this on audio, I expected a fairly predictable story line that switched back and forth between two time periods and would inevitably have some connection between narrators. This turned into a much more enjoyable and gripping story than I expected. With alot of thought I suppose you could predict what happens but it wasn't immediatlely blatant and was a fun novel to escape to. This one was a last minute grab at the library while waiting to check out a book at the library, I had never heard of this author before this book. I am so glad I did because this book was a quick read but it also pulled me in. From the story of Vera, the struggle single mother from the Depression era to Claire a mother in mourning after a tragic accident nearly 80 years later. Each piece of the puzzle of Vera's missing son, during a surprising May snow storm begins to reveal itself. Claire is the reporter assigned to find a story, while trying to deal with her own marriage and troubles.
This was a really entriguing story that kept me turning the pages. I'll read more by this author.
Easy read with a quaint little story. Two lives from two eras woven together.
Good mystery.
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