Bullseye (2014)
Bullseye (2014)
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1455557285 (ISBN13: 9781455557288)
Grand Central Publishing
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This was a fun, quick read, perfect for a 2-hour flight. Apparently, this book combines characters in two of Mr. Baldacci's earlier series. I haven't read either series, but the story works well even with characters who have been fully developed in earlier books. The plot is exciting and quick-paced. I haven't read Baldacci since reading Absolute Power years ago, but this short story made me a fan again. Audiobook. Narrator: Ron McLartyI love both Oliver Stone and Will Robie's characters so I am very excited about this one!Oh the messes Oliver Stone gets himself into and the ones Will Robie puts himself into. I loved that the Camel Club was back together for this one. Is it a bit far-fetched? Heck yeah. But who cares? Oliver Stone and Will Robie! This was really short, but I was prepared for that. I am hoping there will be another pairing of these guys in a later book. I really enjoy this narrator. He reads alot of Baldacci's books so I am used to his voice. He is one of my favorites.
Guess now I'll have to go and start at the beginning with this series.
I'm 'makkin' on Will Robie!
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Love Will Robie !
Loved it.
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