Burma Chronicles. Guy Delisle (2007)
Burma Chronicles. Guy Delisle (2007)
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Jonathan Cape
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The third of Guy Delisle's travelogues differ from the two first in several ways. He is no longer travelling alone instead he is accompanying his wife, who works for Doctors without borders (MSF in French). They have a kid thanks to whom Delisle gets to meet both other expats and local people. Also the drawing style has changed a bit. His line is clearer and there is less use of grey. The drawing are a bit more cartony. In total Deslisle has produced four travelogues and I find them all enjoyable. It is a bit like reading someone else's personal journal. There is not much of a story, it's more like lots of small pieces revolving around a central theme. It is a relaxed way to approach a very serious subject; in this case the dictatorship in Burma. Despite the personal tone and the frog perspective the book give a little insight in the terrible conditions people there live under, and also the way they cope with their situation and find hope and joy in their lives. The drawing is awesome.It can be hard to know how to relate suffering and humor. And sometimes our hearts are just not soft or selfless enough to appreciate the horror and pain of real suffering in our world, so I'm not sure how well Delisle did (because I'm not sure my heart is well enough to know).But I did appreciate the concern he showed, in some of his drawings, for the suffering of many of the people in Burma (or who are now outside of Burma). And I appreciated his honesty, too, because he drew and revealed the unflattering things he said and/or thought during his time in Burma. And that was cool. He did not spare himself of personal guilt/embarrassment.I also appreciated the humor in this book. I do believe there is a place for humor in the realm of suffering, because I believe there is a place for humor in our world. I don't think Delisle always used his humor absolutely appropriately (i.e. I think, at times, it revealed his unwillingness or inability, to love un-constrainedly, to be willing to endure suffering for the sake of loving others), but for the most part I think it was a welcome and useful human-literary tool (humor).
Matkakuvauksen, politiikan ja yhteiskunnallisuuden lisäksi se kaivattu lämpökin löytyi.
..introduces critical issues through humour... I enjoyed reading this book.
This may be the first comic book I've ever read cover to cover.
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