Burma Chronicles (2007)
Burma Chronicles (2007)
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0224087711 (ISBN13: 9780224087711)
Jonathan Cape
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I really liked getting a glimpse of Burma here, or what it's like to be a foreigner in Burma, but after a while I think I wanted this to be more than what it was. Mostly, I wish we were following his wife Nadège as she made her MSF rounds. Maybe it's just from the nature of her job, but she seemed a lot more adventurous and knowledgeable, while Guy stayed home most of the time and observed life in his neighborhood. It was still interesting and still gives the notion to the reader of taking a vacation while sitting around at home. I'm sure I'll continue to read Delisle.*******Counting this as my "comic set in another country" for the Panels Read Harder. I love graphic novels...and I love travel memoirs...and I love travel. I have had Burma on my mind since I was an intern in college and had a activist colleague who was always talking about the insanity of Burma....and a French graphic artist? Must be good. Grabbed a copy in English...and threw it on my shelf. It was definitely worth the wait. The book is about a man (the artist/author) living as a "stay-at-home dad" with his baby in Burma as his wife works for Doctors Without Borders. While the book takes place in Burma...it is not just about life in Burma, it is also about being a stay at home dad...living abroad...and life.I enjoyed getting some insight into life there...and also seeing his frustrations. Read if you want to live abroad in Asia...or if you enjoy graphic novels and travelling through books.
Very, very nice and charming. I'm going to start looking out for other books by this artist.
Abandoned. Just didn't hold my interest. Such a great concept, but just got boring :(
J'ai une préférence pour les Chroniques birmanes ayant moi-même visité la Birmanie.
Poučně, vtipně, zajímavě, s nadhledem... Prostě „škola hrou“.
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