Butterfly's Daughter, The (2011)
Butterfly's Daughter, The (2011)
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The monarch butterfly facts at the beginning of each chapter were interestingly woven into the story line aligning with the girl's journey. Wow! Luz's grandmother was an exception person. If we all strive to help those less-fortunate even half as much as Abuela did, the world would be a kinder place. The traveling young women (Luz, Ofelia, Margaret, Stacie) took time to care enough to listen, lend a helping hand, and make suggestions without sounding bossy or being judgmental.Luz was fortunate to have Margaret tell her where to get funds for college. I believe a person can make his/her own luck by creating his/her own opportunities, but it is an uphill battle for those on the low social economic end of the scale. They rarely realize their needs, let alone their wants. They don't even have proper shelter, food, or clothing, let alone any means to better themselves through higher education. Mariposa was extremely selfish. She abandoned her five year-old daughter and her mother. She had no right to rip the decoration off Luz's box and then accept the praise of her family. I do not see how a mother/daughter relationship would develop. I found this to be a very gentle story of self-discovery and healing from the loss of a loved one. The main character, Luz, has lost her abuela (grandmother) and wants to fulfill a long held wish of her abuela which was to return to the home of the monarch butterflies. Luz’s story is paralleled with stories of the butterfly’s cycles of life. As such, I got to learn many true details about the butterflies while at the same time be entertained with a fictional story. There are a lot of convenient encounters in the story but at the same time, I found it interesting. One of my favorite parts was the peek into Mexican culture.
It was an ok read. Monroe can certainly write, but I wasn't in love with this one.
Very good, different, unique storyline & style...
I loved this book.
Loved this book!
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