By Referral Only (2000)
By Referral Only (2000)
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3.5 starsI liked this second book, and it's protagonist so much better than the first. Ruby was a lot tougher than Emilie and although she had her issues, which , admittedly dragged on for a bit too long, she was still a likable character. My only complaint is that although the steamy scenes were hot, I didn't really see enough of the romance progression and at times wondered exactly how they fell so hard for one another when it seemed as if the only time they spent together was in bed. This was really well done. It was a good #2 in the Whitman series. I loved Ruby and felt the author did a great job creating depth in her character and allowing the reader to love her and all her flaws. The pace was good, the supporting characters were good and the storyline between Ruby and Cole was very good. I loved Cole, thought he was just wonderful and more than once my heart just hurt for both of them. All in all, it was lovely. Great you can never go wrong with a hot Scotsman in only a kilt :) Ha! Also this one redeems quite a bit of Quinn! No douchiness whatsoever.
aww what a cute book. i really really liked it.
Read this book in a day! Really enjoyed it!!
better than the first one
Cute fun quick read
Great read :)
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