California (2014)
California (2014)
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0316250813 (ISBN13: 9780316250818)
Little, Brown and Company
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Meh. I feel like this book is the middle book of a trilogy - the book between the action-filled first and final books where nothing really happens, except a lot of filler to move the story along. Things do happen, but they're buried in repetitive internal dialog and quite a bit of condescension towards Frida (and by Frida as well).I would much rather read about Frida and Cal's decision to leave L.A. and their journey to the "afterlife". I would also be interested in what happens after the book ends. Greatly condensed, this would be a good short story. As it is, it's a bit of slog, with the twists and the conflict ( as it is ) buried under chapters intended to be world- and atmosphere building, but coming off a lot like what I imagine the philosophic discussions at Plank were like: lots of talk, not enough action. This book was pretty cool. There's a lot of collapse of civilization books kicking around and I think this is one was worth my time because it was very real. (hint: there are no zombies. There was no atomic bomb. No alien invasion either.) Maybe so real it was a little disturbing at times. It will answer those little questions like soooo as a girl just how long will my leg hair grow if I can't get razors anymore? How much do you smell if you bathe really infrequently? My knees would smell??? Ugh. But the book tackles some larger questions too such as: what will wealth get you in such a society? What do humans value most? Is safety a right everyone should have access to? If this book is sounding too technical, fear not. There is a lot of drama involving a character that reemerges from the main couple's past. There are a lot of colorful people doing odd and questionable things meaning it's a quick read and plenty entertaining. This is always interesting to me, but I'm not sure how much I really liked anyone in this book yet I enjoyed it a lot and I kept reading. I'm going to give these characters a pass on their unlikeable traits because they're under just a bit of pressure.
Plot meanders a lot. Hard to really like any of the characters other than Cal.
I really enjoyed this one. Easy read. Only down fall was the ending
Interesting concept, mediocre delivery.
Just couldn't get into it
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