Cannibal Reign (2012)
Cannibal Reign (2012)
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0062025821 (ISBN13: 9780062025821)
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I enjoyed reading this post-apocalyptic novel! The story moves reasonably well, and I really enjoying reading about characters preparing for disasters, then reading about their well-laid plans going awry (or sometimes actually working out). But, the characters are a little one-dimensional and the dialogue is unnatural. It was fun to read, but if the writing was more compelling it would be something I would look forward to re-reading in the future. Not my typical genre, but it was suggested as a book club book. I thought it was suspenseful, especially at the end. I was so afraid my favorites would die!! For a first book it was great!!! I thought it was pretty believable in the sense that I could see our world turning to these desperate measures. Really makes you think what you would do. You have your close friends and your family, and what extremes would you go to to save them...and at what point do you start only looking out for yourself? And at what point do you just end it all.
Love the spin off the road - if you can overlook the typos it's a fun adventure
Great book, dunno what some of the other reviewers were thinking.
Good quick read..
November 2014
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