Captain America And Bucky: The Life Story Of Bucky Barnes (2012)
Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes (2012)
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0785151230 (ISBN13: 9780785151234)
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A depressing, revealing, action packed origin story of Bucky Barnes, known for being the kid sidekick of Captain America. Turns out (according to this, anyway), the kid was less kid and more ward of the Army. He is trained, groomed, and recruited as a special soldier, and in this version, more bad-ass than Cap himself - Bucky didn't need Super Soldier Serum - he just needed a reason. I haven't gotten chance to see the new movie Winter Soldier as of yet, so the last bit of this was a kind of a spoiler, but one I had kinda been expecting, anyway. I guess Bucky is no longer the only comics character to have stayed dead... With the upcoming movie spiking my interest in Bucky Barnes, this was an awesome introduction to him. It also gave me a bit more respect for Cap (he is slowly warming up to me, especially thanks to the movies).This condenses Bucky's life story, giving you the basic jist, even giving a quick summary on how he became The Winter Solider. Obviously, it's summarizing another story arc somewhere, but for anyone who doesn't want to go read a whole lot of Captain America books, this is a good quick summary. It was also an enjoyable story. It was written well, and I did like the art. It fit the time frame it was set in. Bucky, Steve, and Toro (mini Human Torch who I now need to look in to) were very likable. Of course, the emphasis is on Bucky, and he's an endearing character. I really don't have any complaints about this story. The really quick summaries of how Bucky became the Winter Solider were very rushed, but it was Bucky just sort of quickly explaining it (as he is the narrator). So for people who don't want to go buy Brubaker's run of Captain America, that probably would be a pain, getting these weird summarizes that take up a page and don't get completely told. But seeing as I was trying to figure out if I want to devout time and money in to Bucky Barnes, this was what made me decide "definitely".
Story was fine. The art (Chris Samnee) and colors (Bettie Breitweiser) are fantastic.
So many spoilers for the new Captain America: Winter Solider movie :3
Considerably more sentimental than I had been led to expect.
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