Carolina Home (2012)
Carolina Home (2012)
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0425250938 (ISBN13: 9780425250938)
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I've never really read small town romance, thinking it was just too sweet and wouldn't appeal. I've been pleasantly suprised that I actually love it. I loved Matt and Allison, each strong in their own ways. The family is a pleasure to read, the dilemmas real and believable. Allison ' s parents were so dead on for people I've known. I've felt many of the emotions the characters experienced and this made the story even more real to me. A great read. This was my first book by this author. I started the series because of a review I saw in RT Book review for book #3 and I like to read the books in order. I loved this book. The family dynamics she has written into the book is so real. Her characters are just like someone you would know. She told a GREAT story in such a way that I would smile and just feel for what they were going through. My eyes were a little watery at times. I love how she has laid the ground work for more books with the Fletcher Family on Dare Island.
It was cute...really not a page turner for me though
A fun and easy read! Loved the small town setting.
nice family story about love nd shit
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