Cautious (2013)
Cautious (2013)
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Not one of my fave short stories. The only redemeaning quality to this story was the 3star sizzle factor but I subtracted 1star for a stupid storyline. From the moment on Aaron's and Misty's first date on the boat, I didn't like Aaron and that feeling didn't really improve much through out the story. Good grief, he reminded me of so many other arrogant, controlling men and his whole demeanor just totally rubbed me the wrong way. Having just left one arrogant, controlling @$$hole, Misty should have stuck to her guns when the red flags started flying and all the familiar signals started showing up. I very much enjoyed this short romance. The characterization was good and the overall basis for the story engaging. There was a lot of sex making it more of an erotic contemporary, however, not as explicit as I have many time seen recently. The story was fast and I hope there are follow-up stories for Misty's sister Amanda. I would like to see what happens to her as well.The only problem I had with this story was how fast Misty did a 180. One minute she is confused and the next "in love" just didn't buy it on her part. Seemed more like an escape.Recommend this story for 18+ and mature due to adult themes
This book was ok .... Again I just really don't like short stories they feel to rushed
Nice easy read. Had the potential to be so much better. Just seemed a bit rushed.
Cute little fast read
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