Cedere Alla Passione (2009)
Cedere alla passione (2009)
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This book is a study on sexual tension. I couldn't have cared less about the weird plot of this book (something about naughty paintings, a secret society, and missing women). It all just seemed a vehicle the author uses to fling the hero and heroine together in close quarters so that they can burn and pine for each other in delightful ways. That is what I like about this author anyway. Her best novels are the ones in which there isn't much of an outside plot and she just focuses on developing the emotional and psychological connection between the hero and heroine. When the sexual tension finally snaps ... Dayumn! A lot of really intense, really QUIET sex ensues:)This one is hot. ms. long writes so that you are inside of the book. I could clearly see liam and smell him and all the other characters too. but truly , liam was the best. I hope to see him in other books. he was full of spunk. on to the h/h. there was much sexual tension in this book even after they had sex. and ms. long carried that theme to the end. it was the latest hea in a book ive read to date and w no epilogue! this couple too, I hope to see in later penny royal books. loved the secret names!!!
I enjoyed the first two in this series, but this one...sigh.
This is what Im reading now.
I liked this book.
Just excellent!
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