Chains (2008)
Chains (2008)
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In the book chains, a slave named Isabel and her sister Ruth had a lot of hardships. Isabel and Ruth lived on Rhode Island and when their master died, they got sold to a husband and wife with the last name of Lockton. They went on a boat with the Locktons to New York. After they got off the boat, Isabel saw a boy with a red hat who was looking at her. His name is Curzon Bellingham. He had asked her to spy for him; for the rebels. Isabel said no the first time because her master is a loyalist. Later in the book; Madam Lockton told Isabel that she sold Ruth. Isabel on account of her reaction to that, was put in the dungeon under city hall for two days, then was put on trial for branding. Madam Lockton wanted the branding letter to be "I" for insolence. After the branding, she woke up in Lady Seymour's (the aunt of Master Lockton) house. Toward the end of the book, Curzon went of to fight the British with the rebels. Sadly, they lost and he got captured na dwas put in prison. Isabel came every day to give him food. At the very end of the book, She finally escaped with Curzon never to be found again. I loved chains because it made me feel lots of different emotion I was very upset when Ruth was taken away from Isabel and I can't Imagine what that would feel like to lose your sister. I am glad that in the end Isabel took her things and rowed away in a boat to a different land and I thought it was cool that Isabel didn't give up on trying to be free and finally all that work payed off because she was able to get away and be free.
This book does a great job of helping the reader visualize what the life of a slave is like.
Great book! A great mix of slavery and the Revolutionary War!I loved it!Abby
I think this book was very interesting and has a great moral to it.
It wasn't my favorite, I won't be reading it again.
Both chains and forge are great!
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