Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit (2009)
Change Has Come: An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit (2009)
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I am a sucker for good typography, so I was liking this book by page 1. ("The text for this book is set in Valeria Script and Cochin," the publisher info is kind enough to tell me.) The sketches are lovely, and the drawings of Obama are wonderfully rendered. The text is woven together from 5 different speeches Obama gave before he became president. Regardless of your politics, these words are bound to touch you. They made my eyes well up as I remembered the feelings of hope, peace, unity he's been able to elicit, especially when he was first a candidate for POTUS. (Candidate Obama is one of my favorite political speakers ever.) Ok, here's a warning: I may be getting on my political soapbox for a minute. This brief book (it only takes about 10 minutes to read) is a collection of quotes from Barack Obama, from various points during his presidential run, and some great illustrations to go with them. Personally, I find the new president very inspiring and I truly do hope that he can make good on all he has promised to this country. I really enjoyed the handful of quotes and will probably jot them down to remember later. Whether others agree or not, I do think that those of us who did vote for Obama really felt that change was needed in this country and he *could* be the one to deliver it. I do wonder though, when we all look back on this time, say in 20 years or so, how we will feel about everything that has been said about Obama and what happens in the near future.
Beautiful black and white drawings beneath a line on each page, which is all Obama quotes.
this books is not of many pages nor of many words, yet it has the right words.
No matter your politics, this is a beautiful book!
I really like the illustrations and the font.
Barack and Kadir. You can't go wrong.
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