Changing My Wardrobe (2011)
Changing My Wardrobe (2011)
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I had an extremely hard time rating this. I feel like a book like this is only rated on the ending. It could be a horrible written book (which it isn't) and have an ending like it has and get 4s and 5s. The reason why I gave it a 4 was because I feel teens need to read it. Though the ones who are the Avery's and Cal's are not going to be the ones reading books like this and only the Lindseys and Teenys. Working as a teacher and seeing first hand how bullying affects everyone, I feel like it needs to be addressed more. Some may say that this is an exaggeration and if I wasn't a teacher I probably would have said it was. I feel like this book could happen and probably will happen more in the future. First let me start off by saying I'm so happy I decided to join this blog tour. This book was so good and very eye opening. Having a child in school it always makes me worry about bullies and bullying, even if the school has a zero tolerance policy you just never know what is happening or what can happen because no one wants to tell on anyone else. Nobody wants to be the rat, but sometimes you have to, no matter what can happen. We meet Lindsey, Grouper and Teeny who are three best friends getting ready to start their first year in high school, which is life changing in itself. Lindsey is worried about having any classes or any interaction with Avery who has been bullying her since grade school. Unfortunately they have gym together. This is where she meets Jocelyn who Lindsey thinks is weird but it's better than being by yourself. Jocelyn turns out to be a great asset in Lindsey's life as well as her friends. The first day of school Lindsey also meets Marco. Who to her is unbelievably cute and she takes a chance and befriends him. Turns out good for her because he's really interested in her as well. The five of them do everything together. They even have movie nights on Friday a tradition that started out by accident. Throughout all of this Avery is still picking on Lindsey but now she sets her eyes on Teeny. Lindsey and Teeny happen to run into Avery and her mom at the store where they get a first hand view of how Avery is treated at home. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in this book. Avery treats Lindsey and Teeny the same way her mother treats her. It's not an excuse but we see where she gets it from. Because of this incident Avery has her eyes on Teeny and is ready for some revenge.Throughout the book you see all the little things Avery and her boyfriend do to the group, it starts out little but ends on a much bigger note. This book really shows you how out of hand things can get, when all they had to do was go to an adult instead of trying to solve things yourself. These are principles we always try to instill in our children but it never works out because they don't want to tell on anyone and they want to believe that they can handle it themselves. Bullying is not something you should have to endure or handle yourself this is something that should be told and be helped with. There have been many movies and great books such as this that shows this predicament. I think this book is a really great learning tool for young people and something everyone should read. It bought tears to my eyes by the end of this and I felt bad for everyone involved. I don't want to go into too much details because I believe you should read this book.Characters:The characters were very realistic and relateable, it could be your best friend or even just someone you know, whether it be on the receiving end or the giving end. If you know something you should tell someone. I feel very strongly about this, I have never been bullied but I've known many who were and there are always dire consequences. This book really touched me and I hope you give it a chance.Cover:At the beginning I didn't really get the cover too much, but now that I've read through the whole thing I think the cover fits it perfectly. I love how they made it seem like the girl is shattered with the look of worry on her face.Recommend:Absolutely! I can't give this book enough praise, make sure you pick it up next time you see it.
I like it, very entertaining. More like a 3.5 (It'd be a 4 but I dread too much High School drama)
Giving away an ebook copy of the book on my blog May 18th!
It sounds kind of good ... will borrow from the library.
Teen litActually contained some surprises
Loved the book!
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