Chimes At Midnight (2013)
Chimes at Midnight (2013)
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0756408148 (ISBN13: 9780756408145)
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I love Seanan McGuire because she always does the unexpected. I always knew the Queen of the Mists was a problem, but I didn't expect the Queen's claim to the throne to be challenged. I won't tell you how or why because of spoilers, but it was awesome. The author consistently manages to craft ridiculously adverse circumstances for October and then pull her out of them without sacrificing believability or character development. It was refreshing to see Toby start to rely on the people around her more. I think we really saw her mature in this book, in part because she had no choice. Toby simply couldn't pull through on her own this time, and it taught her how valuable the people in her life are. Toby seems to be learning that she can accomplish so much more when she embraces her relationships instead of constantly trying to push people away. For those of you wondering, yes, Tybalt is definitely included in this. I loved watching the two of them grow closer and seeing Toby welcome Tybalt more into her life. Definitely loved this book! The Queen! Finally!And evil pies. Seriously, that's a thing. I love how much forethought is in this series. Seanan McGuire doesn't just pull random plot devices out of her ass as needed. Nope, she introduces them like four or five books back and alludes to them a few times before we get around to needing to use them for reals. Which really just brings a great level of cohesiveness to the series as a whole.Just one more book out for me to read before I go into character withdrawals. *sigh*
More Tybalt, and general awesomeness. A bit open-ended, but still epic.
Again, liked it, but read it a while ago so I don't remember much now.
4.8 stars
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