Chosen At Nightfall (2013)
Chosen at Nightfall (2013)
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1250012899 (ISBN13: 9781250012890)
St. Martin's Press
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I'm so sad it ended! But the ending was seriously sooo awesome! I knew Kylie would pick Lucas! They are so cute together! And Darek found another cute chameleon to love! But Burnett and Holiday had the best friggin relationship ever! They will have a friggin baby! I'm sooooo glad!!! I kinda knew she would get pregnant! I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't get to read the part were Lucas and Kylie go to trip in Texas! I read these 5 vampire/werewolf/supernatural creature books because my stepdaughter gave me the 1st 2 in the series for a Christmas present. At times, I got a little bored with the supernatural teen angst, but this last one in the series pulled things together well and the plot kept me staying up way too late reading. I'm ready to be done with this genre for a while, but it was a fun little detour from my normal reading.
Absolutely loved it. So cute and perfect. It's an amazing series that will be a definite re read.
I did like all the books in this series, but I really loved the Lucas moments in this. :)
Great way to finish the series. Just wish their was more of an epilogue
Amazing. If I could I would give it more than a 5 star review.
Loved this whole series I cant wait for the
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