Christmas At Eagle Pond (2012)
Christmas at Eagle Pond (2012)
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0547581483 (ISBN13: 9780547581484)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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This book reminded me of the time I spent at my uncle Bill's farm. It was similar in that it was just a family farm that raised most everything that was eaten. I came on the scene in 1943 and went to the farm on and off the rest of my life. I remember feeding the chickens, churning butter, raking hay by hand and then pitching the hay on a wagon and then having to pitch it off from the wagon into the hay loft. Pure work! I don't know how I missed this tiny gem last year, but I'm so glad I found it this year prominently displayed on a holiday table at my independant bookseller. Not only is Hall's prose deliciously articulate, but it evokes such a sense of place I felt I was in the house with him and his grandparents so many years ago. But the best thing about it is the little note at the end (do NOT peek and read it first) that becomes seed for a personal gift the reader might create. This book deserves to be bought, read, and passed along as a gift to anyone who is slightly nostalgic for Christmases that happened in his or her distant past.
A lovely Christmas novella. I loved Mary Azarian's woodcuts.
Lovely, yet incomplete without the author's note.
Lovely little book.
Simply lovely.
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