Christmas Bliss (2013)
Christmas Bliss (2013)
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1250019729 (ISBN13: 9781250019721)
St. Martin's Press
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If the reader is familiar with Bebe Loudermilk and her best friend Eloise "Weezie" Foley then this book will be calm compared to their previous adventures but not without some twists and turns. Weezie is preparing for her wedding on Christmas Eve, one week away. Bebe who describes her current seven/eight months pregnant body as "big as a whale" is confident her first baby will not appear for 4 more weeks and certainly will not interfere with Weezie's wedding. Meanwhile, Daniel, who is Weezie's groom-to-be, is working in New York City as a guest Chef. He is also exhausted due to his unending work schedule and not feeling well. He plans to return shortly before the wedding but Weezie is concerned he will ask her to move to New York. Harry who is the father of Bebe's baby-to-be is trying to decide if he wants to continue to take people on chartered fishing cruises or find something on land that is safer so he can be closer to Bebe and be able to spend more time with their child. Bebe is beginning to wonder if it is time for she and Harry to get married. This is the 4th book in the series with Jean (Weezie) Foley and her best friend Bebe Loudermilk. It was a simple book that has Weezie getting ready for her Christmas Eve wedding to her long time chef boyfriend, Daniel Stipanek. Weezie is going crazy with last minute details while her boyfriend is a guest chef in New York They both miss each other terribly to the point where she surprises him in New York. While she is gone, her best friend Bebe Loudermilk is watching over things. She is eight months pregnant from her long time boyfriend, Harry. Things get complicated for her because she is not only taking care of her Breeze Inn, supervising her home renovation, but also found out she is married to her thought to be ex-husband, Richard Hodges. Richard went to jail about 5 years ago, but never got around to filing the divorce degree. Bebe is freaking out because if she doesn't get a divorce before the baby is born, legally, the baby would be under Richard. I liked other books by Mary Kay Andrews, but this one was kind of simple to the point of being boring. It was an average read. short and sweet.
Classic MKA. So glad to get an update on what Weezie and Bebe are doing...a nice Christmas novella.
Fun, light, holiday reading. And the fact that I got the hardcover for $2 added to the attraction.
Another cute quick Bebe and Weezie read. I love stories about quirky people living in the south.
Enjoyed the storytelling aspect of this book is just a little too abruptly for me.
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