Christmas Bouquet (2014)
Christmas Bouquet (2014)
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1322008639 (ISBN13: 9781322008639)
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More of the O'Brien' s,... we meet the fourth generation of the Irish clan from Chesapeake Shores, Maryland. The novel is still filled with family meddling, and repetitive whining, that seems to be the reoccurring plot of all these stories. We meet Noah, Caitlin' s (Abby's twin girl who's all grown up), beau and 'baby' s daddy'. Mick is still meddling, and Nell is still making Irish stew for the Sunday family dinners.Carrie and Noah resolved their conflict routed in compromises and delayed dreams with finesse and a Christmas wedding. The novel was superbly written, with well developed characters and a cautionary foreword about fully enjoying and embracing the moments life gives us. I highly recommend this novel from to all contemporary romance readers. This story has a great conflict. The heroine is a medical resident in her first year of internship when she discovers she's pregnant. She and her boyfriend are in love and looking toward a life together... eventually. But not right now. At least on her side. He's thrilled and ready to get married right now, but she just can't get her head wrapped around it, mostly because she's got this plan for her life and doesn't want to deviate. I guess some might get annoyed by all her dithering, but I found it very real and understandable. I liked it a lot.
A very nice people story. Sherryl Woods does a great job of making believable characters.
Just another nice Christmas story.
It was a cute Christmas story.
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