Christmas Mourning (2010)
Christmas Mourning (2010)
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Grand Central Publishing
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Margaret Maron reliably delivers yet another Deborah Knott mystery. The tragic death of a young high school classmate of some of Deborah's nieces & nephews in an automobile accident raises questions. As usual, Knott and husband Dwight Bryant work somewhat separately, but by mining her extensive family (and his this time, too) and using her deep connections in the rural Carolina community she was reared in, they eventually arrive at the solution. Nothing terribly new or innovative here, but an intriguing mystery and an enjoyable yarn. Margaret Maron is one of my go to holiday reading authors, for which my main criteria is an author who can capture a strong sense of a place and its people. Maron's Judge Knott series does this superbly, and this book is no exception. More focused than her previous work on the kids of Colleton county, the teenagers are are particularly sharply drawn, and ring true. Having said that, there seems to be a tiredness creeping in to the writing, and times where Maron seems to be just going through the paces. The interior lives of several of the main protagonists - notably the outsiders, those from the wrong side if the tracks - never come to life at all, and end up feeling as casually disposed of as the highway trash the tale centers around.I must also confess to also finding the habit of describing the protagonists in Knott's courtroom by their race increasingly annoying, even if it is a realistic way that a small town judge views the world. On the flipside, as an urban advocate of gun control, I found Maron's sympathetic portrayal of a society that teaches its children to shoot before they've hit double figures fascinating and enjoyable to explore. Maron has such a sense of the strength of this community. And she has the good understanding not to take anything too seriously (possibly unlike this reviewer.)
Easy read. Wishing I had the first 15 books in the series to read!
this is such a great series, hope she just continues on and on.
I have enjoyed all of Margaret Maron's books
Good quick read with interesting twists.
Another good book by Margaret Maron.
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