Ciao For Now, Crazy European Chick (2012)
Ciao for Now, Crazy European Chick (2012)
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1405259442 (ISBN13: 9781405259446)
Electric Monkey
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I did it again! I read book 2 before I read book 1!!!This is book 2, please read Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick first.Last year Perry's life was turned upside down by the Lithuanian foreign exchange student that was living with them. Her name was Gobija Zaksauskas. Now Perry and his band are taking a year off between high school and college to chase the music dream and they are heading to Europe for their first tour. But when Gobija shows up in Perry's life again his world changes again. Now he is on the run from European cops and bad guys out to kill him all because of Gobija, but he was the one who went to the place they were supposed to meet. I listened to this on in the car on the way to work and I have to say that the song titles at the beginning of each chapter are fun. The whole story is crazy, but I thought it was interesting and it kept me with the story the whole way through. I really wish I had read the first book before reading this one. I think it had to have had some information that could have helped me a lot with this one. Over all a good read! It was a great book to read. I loved the ending. If there is a third book I'll buy it right away especially if there is another adventure where Perry keeps getting shot at. Gobi is one of my favorite characters she is just awesome at what she does. Taking people out and not asking questions later. I personally think Perry and Gobi should already be together by now and I hope it happens if there is a third book.
Funny, action, spy, will he ever get sex, book. Wish all boy bands were like this.
awesome! if you loved the first, you'll love this one.
There's a sequel?! :D
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