Clockwork Angels (2012)
Clockwork Angels (2012)
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1770411216 (ISBN13: 9781770411210)
ECW Press
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I have to start out by confessing that I came into this [experience] very ignorantly. If you do not know, there is an album by the band rush that this book is a companion to. At the time of purchasing this book, I had no idea it was any more than a simple science fiction /fantasy/steampunk/dystopian novel. I chose it simply for its combination of "clockwork" and "angels" in the title and its convenient location in the "A" section of the sci-fi in Barnes and Nobles. If you are considering to purchase this novel based on your previous enjoyment of "the Hunger Games", "Divergent" or any other of the currently popular dystopian novel, I would implore you to reconsider. "Clockwork Angels" will not captivate you with unending action and an obviously reluctant hero. It requires deeper reading and a wide imagination. This is not a bad thing. Authors tend to drown their purpose with constant drama in order to hold a reader's attention span, but this is a book that reverts back to focusing on basic human nature and a lesson about life will be undeniably apparent in the end. But I feel as if I have discouraged you from reading this book rather than encouraged it. On to more obvious positive qualities. Anderson's writing paints a very clear picture of a steampunk society that has elements of magic and alchemy as well. It is a very beautiful world and Anderson's blend of both positive and negative qualities of the world, showing a sophisticated plot that is more than taking down the evil empire. I would encourage readers that can handle a slower developed plot and earthly characters to add this to their reading list because it really is quite spectacular.*SPOILERS* Not really but kind of. In a thought for those who have read this and are just exploring other reviews, I think it was a sort of tease for him to add the perspectives of the Watchmaker and the Anarchist because although it added to the true views of the world, it made it seem like there was going to be an ultimate showdown between them and more of their story line integrated into the novel. Just a thought. A moral tale that is also an exciting adventure, an exploration of multiple types of societies, a coming of age story, and an imaginative journey to the end of the world and back. All accompanied with some amazing artwork.The hero grows up in a land where every action, profession, life-event, and even the weather are predestined by an all-powerful, benevolent Clockmaker. Taking a break from his destiny, the hero decides to make an unscheduled visit to the Clockmaker's city to see the famed Clockwork Angels.Thus the epic journey begins.
Appropriate companion for the CA album by RUSH. I highlighted every RUSH lyric reference.
3.5 stars. Good book in general, but gets repetitive and tedious in places.
A lot better than I had expected. Charming in a refreshingly simple way.
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