Codename Zero (2014)
Codename Zero (2014)
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0062120085 (ISBN13: 9780062120083)
Walden Pond Press
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Codename Zero is a great book for young adults who enjoy adventures. Carson lives in the most boring town that goes through the same boring things everyday. To spice up his life he has become the schools best prankster, pulling bigger and bigger pranks at school, teachers, and friends. Then on the day that he pulls the biggest prank hes ever done, his little boring North Dakota life turns into a thrilling adventure. This book is pitch perfect! I'm an adult and I enjoyed it immensely. The story from beginning to end was exciting and satisfying. The author is a natural storyteller and the book is clear and well-written. Readers young and old will enjoy Carson (Agent Zero). He's a likable prankster, a kid I enjoyed getting to know. The descriptions were clear and the story played out like a movie in my head--believable and with real consequences to the characters' actions. Speaking of action, there were some pretty thrilling scenes in the book, along with humor, and thoughtful introspection. Overall, this is an entertaining page-turner for the whole family.
This book was really good with some surprising twists and turns!
ooh super excited for this!
Very good adventure story
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