Coffee And Cockpits (2013)
Coffee and Cockpits (2013)
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1484105796 (ISBN13: 9781484105795)
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I enjoyed this book immensely! It was one of the best books I've ever read and I've read a lot! The storyline was fantastic as were the characters! Liam and Nina were great main characters. Nina is beginning her life as an air hostess and she swears not to get involved with a pilot l, instead she concentrates on earning her own wings, but she never planned on meeting Liam. With great characters and a great storyline, you will love this book and want to keep reading to see if life in paradise can happen. Wow, what can I say! I downloaded a free copy of this book and thought it would be a simple, light romantic beach read. It was certainly panning out that way. Fun characters, wonderful descriptions and a nice flowing love story with some conflict as the 2 leading men wanted the same lady - Nina. What I didn't see coming was the twist 2 thirds of the way in, it blew me away. Totally unexpected and gave the story that 'edge' that put it above the regular love triangle stories.I was a little disappointed that Nikolai's story faltered and disappeared, he had a huge impact on the leading man's self image and life but over all it was well written and kept me glued right to the very end
Great book. I never imagained the twist this book had. Kept me very intrigued.
a book of twist & turns
loved it!!
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