Colonel Roosevelt (2010)
Colonel Roosevelt (2010)
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Random House
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The third entry into the greatest and most personally impactful biographical series I've ever read. Morris is thorough in his research, masterful in his storytelling ability, and compelling in his prose. The only reason I give this book 4 stars is the fact that Teddy's life got less interesting to read about after his presidency; even his two safaris didn't carry the same boyish excitement and charm that his early life and presidency did. Still a must-read, I'd highly recommend the whole series to anyone. I'm not going to lie: after reading Morris's previous two volumes about Teddy blazing a trail in his prime, it was difficult to stomach the story of the great man's decline in his twilight years. But as ever, Morris's eye for detail, even-handed approach and narrative flair make this conclusion to his trilogy essential for TR enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to know more about American politics and life in the early 20th century.
It was a good book, but it seems like it was the longest audiobook I have ever listened to.
Extensive, well-written, fair, touching. Just a terrific history.
Outstanding history of my favorite President.
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