Comfort Object (2009)
Comfort Object (2009)
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This author definitely knows how to give the readers a sexy, hot as hell and a pretty fucked up alpha male. What an incredible book! I loved it! I wasn't sure to whether read this book or not. I saw some conflicting reviews on the book. To douse some of the negative reviews: nothing done within the contractual relationship was non-con. Some may consider it dub-con but in my opinion all was consented. I went with my gut instinct and read the book. Hands down, one of the best books of it's genre! I had a shiver going down my spine the whole time I was reading this book. Every now and again I had to put the book down and let my little excited brain settle down before I picked it up again. Loved Nell and her innocence (compared to Jeremy's depravities). I loved Jeremy even though he was a sadist (by his own admission), really conflicted and screwed up in his head. He was trying to sort out his demons within and Nell was there to patiently let him and be supportive of him. I never thought he'd ever hurt Nell. Loved the chapters with his POV. Last but not least, I also loved how Kyle was comforting to Nell whenever he saw her in distress. One of my pet peeves is books with choppy writing or slow starts. This book's writing was fluid and beautiful from beginning to end. Thank you Annabel Joseph! BTW, please do not compare this book to Fifty Shades of Grey. It was published in 2009 whereas FSOG was published in 2011. This was really not for me. Some light BDSM is fine with me but this was a little more than I preferred. Premise of the story is way too far fetched and unbelievable. The author isn't the best writer and failed to convince me otherwise. A movie star wants a submissive, contracts her then they fall in love. Sounds kind of nice and maybe even believable but no, it was not convincing at all. The writing was really weak and the part that peeved me the most in the beginning was the contract... It was written so poorly it was a joke.Ok now characters. Nell is an educated Harvard drop out that took a job at a BDSM club playing a submissive. Yes we see that she's educated in mythology but there's no background other than that on her. How and why she became a submissive... No real back story. How she accepts Jeremy for who he is, is beyond me. He burns things that she treasures and pushes her limits to the extreme. Then there is Jeremy. One of the few alpha males that I actually am NOT fond of. I'm so confused as to how his personality came about. I get people have kinks but he's rather hardcore on some aspects so I had hoped there was a backstory. But like every other character in this book, no background on him. Why does he lives like this? Why does he like it when Nell cries? Why does he like to cane her? I'm very frustrated there's no backgroun on any of the characters especially Jeremy. His family that was described in the book doesn't fit his description at all. Nothing fits in the book, nothing makes sense. Oh and the relationship between Kyle and Jeremy... The author never did explain how they became so close and why they "shared". The love between Nell and Jeremy doesn't make much sense nor convincing. I'm not at all convinced this is a compelling story. Sadly this was poorly executed when it had so much more potential. I'm very disappointed.
Read it. Enjoyed it. But cannot remember it enough to say anything more about the book now.
DNF. didn't have enough patience for the beginning. maybe later haha
This book had more kink in it than a Hustler store!!
Kinky. Very kinky.
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