Comment Je Suis Devenu Un Écrivain Célèbre (2011)
Comment Je Suis Devenu Un Écrivain Célèbre (2011)
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Sonatine éd.
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Steve Hely tries very hard to satirize novelists like Steve Hely. It's possible, of course, that Steve Hely thinks he's a cut above the novelists he's satirizing. It's not clear to me where the author positions himself on the spectrum of authors-who-write-for-the-market to authors-who-write-(literature)-for-writing's-sake. Judging from the fact that my copy of How I Became...was remaindered before I stumbled on it at a library book sale, Hely's market impact -- with this novel at least -- was slight (an unsurprising bit of irony; read the book, you'll see why) -- nor has Hely secured a place in the pantheon of great satirists (let alone satirists of novels/writers) on its account. The book in review is pretty thin stuff. Some reviewer for the Brooklyn Alternative (if such a reviewer and such a publication exist) writes "I was turning the pages so fast they nearly burst into flames" (which sounds a lot like something the novelist within this novel might have written; I'm just saying...), to which I'd respond "I turned the pages; they remained cool to the touch throughout." How I a decent piece of writing and a modest entertainment. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I laughed out loud reading it. As remaindered quick reads go, though, it was amusing enough. Just don't expect your sides to split. This book started off good with potential but when I reach the middle or near the middle, a character with language was introduced. I didn't like that and had to stop reading. It wasn't fun to read this book after that. I do not recommend this book. I realized even without the language that this book wasn't that great. It got you wondering why this guy wants to write such as poor novel. It have humor like the late night shows. If I'm going to finished this book, I would have to skip parts of the book due to the language. I'm not going to bother because I don't think I can enjoy it anyway. The one star is for promising beginning.
A thoroughly great read for anybody interested in writing.
A thoroughly fun read. Great for summer vacation.
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