Completion (2000)
Completion (2000)
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3.5 starsI was frustrated by the massive amount of information the author omitted from this book. Yes, there are certainly times when it's more than acceptable for the other to skip every tiny detail. For example, an author might say, "Jennifer spent a year in college, graduating with her degree in..... "without giving us every single detail about each day when she went to class, how she studied, etc. . However, over a year worth of activities were skipped over! The author did not just skip over the main character's activities but she skipped ALL of the characters in the story. Some of the characters are suddenly parents? Characters have moved to completely different countries! WTF!?!? I was in a hurry to be done with this series partially due to the fact that it felt like the author herself was rushing through this book so she could be done with it too! It's a shame too because the unique characters are still entertaining and intriguing… it feels as though a lot more could have been made of this and the other books in the series if things had not been so rushed. I am sure everyone wanted to know just a bit more about our amazingly lovable couple!!! It seems to me that Tatum should be somewhat used to games, or style of doing things, that Jameson uses. She is whisked away, against her desires, but unbeknownst to her, its all for her!!! She things its all for him. All for Jameson and his work. All because he just wants her there. Is that really what is going on or is there something in the works????
A good ending, to a tumultuous steamy love affair with two people who belonged together.
my am sad now I need more Jamison and Tatum,,,,, PLZ,,,,,
Perfect ending to the series.
No more Satan?!? Noooooo!
4.5 stars
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