Confess (2000)
Confess (2000)
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Holy Hoover. Do you know the feeling in your heart you get when you finish such a great book? The feeling where your heart is like, being "squeezed" and it's like, full of emotion and sadness and happiness? Colleen Hoover delivers that in this magnificent book. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent and I have never regretted buying any of her books. The talent she has of luring the reader in and making them fall in love with the characters is absolutely insane. I fell in love with Owen, with Auburn, with AJ, hated Trey and Lydia and cried at the most beautiful parts."I'll love you forever, even when I can't." OMG. Oh yeah I said it. O - M - G. I have the gnome to prove it too. He sits on my mantle. I love him. He's my own little piece of Owen Mason Gentry. This book was so freaking amazing! I can not say it enough. FREAKING AMAZING! I could not put it down. I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know what was going to happen, I couldn't breathe during parts of it. So wonderful. If you haven't read it .. please do. You will wonder how you went so long without it in your life.
All though wanting to smack or shake the crap out of Auburn, can say it was a pretty good book.
SO disappointed in this one... A bit far-fatched, a bit unoriginal, a bit meh.
Not her best. Predictable but I was surprised. Good beach read.
This was my first audiobook and I'm ruined...
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