Contos De Lugares Distantes (2012)
Contos de Lugares Distantes (2012)
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Cosac Naify
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I Love Shaun Tan, everything so far has been amazing. I Loved this book, fascinating stories, told from an interesting perspective. I could see every one of his stories being about something mundane around the neighbourhood, and then children needing an explanation, made one up ^__^ and the illustrations were beautiful. Love it. Shaun Tan never disappoints, and his books always make me look at the world just a little differently. The art work is interesting, some of the collages are appealing, but the stories failed on me. They seemed nonsensical. The only appealing stories for me were "Wake" and "Eric"; they were odd and not entirely sure what the appeal was but I liked them. I think some other reviewers have pointed out that this book is not for children. I would agree. I cannot recall where I saw praise for this book but the book for me was a ho-hum.
Alldeles underbara skapelser som ömsom ger skratt och hopp, ömsom ett obehag och många frågor.
Tople zgodbe, posebne, drugačne. Z ilustracijami, ki te popeljejo v drugi svet.
Curious collection of short, illustrated stories by Shaun Tan.
Beautiful surreal art, stories, and poems.
I flipin love this book! thats all!
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