Cornerstone (2000)
Cornerstone (2000)
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Misty Provencher has earned my “I immediately bought book 2″ endorsement and I’m sure this review is going to be riddled with “happy” words like fantastic, wonderful, amazing, etc. (You’ve been warned).Cornerstone is fantastic! It’s unique but familiar. Have you ever found a piece of art, or a quilt, or in this case a book, that the more you looked at it or the more you read of it the more you identified with it? Well that was Cornerstone for me. There were some underlying messages that I picked up on but I can’t really share because it would give some things away but I found comfort and encouragement within the pages of this great story.The story of Nalena and her mother’s paper hoarding habit is such a unique foundation to build a story upon. Of course there is more to the story than just paper hoarding. We discover that there is a reason for the madness that consumes Nalena’s mother and we journey with Nalena as she discovers who and what she has been protected from.I love the characters and the way they interact with each other. It was easy to picture each one and their personalities jumped off the pages, especially Addo’s.There is mystery, romance, suspense, and many surprises to be found in Cornerstone. The romance is slow building and you find out things along the way that explains Garret’s devotion to Nalena. Garret is wonderful. He has the whole hero thing going on but he also encourages Nalena to protect herself.The main character is seventeen so I’m not sure if things change in later books but so far I would rate book 1 as clean read and one that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to teens or adults.There are paranormal aspects but they aren’t your typical paranormal elements. I’m going to keep that a mystery so that you will read the book and discover it for yourself. ;)The writing is wonderful, the world building fantastic, the characters amazing and it was a book that once I started reading it I didn’t put it down until I finished it and then I immediately bought book 2, Keystone.Cornerstone is currently FREE so go ahead and snatch this one up.Happy Reading!Series Information: Cornerstone SeriesCornerstone (The Cornerstone Series, Book One) – Currently FREEKeystone (The Cornerstone Series, Book Two)Jamb (The Cornerstone Series, Book Three)Capstone (The Cornerstone Series, Book Four) I am going to give this book a chance...though so far i've wanted nothing more than to throw it. Geesh my last two reviews havent been all that great huh? Well for now i feel like the main character is incredibly weak. But the only reason i'm attempting to finish it is because i read a previous review that said the same thing...but she went on to explain how strong the character becomes. And there's nothing i love more than growth in a novel. So i vow to not let this become a DNF...i swear people i only have 2 or 3 DNF's.Review soon :-)
i really enjoyed this, looking forward to the next one.
A coming of age novel with a twist ...
loved!! will write full review asap
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