Cost Of Repairs (2012)
Cost of Repairs (2012)
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1619210517 (ISBN13: 9781619210516)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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I enjoyed this book a lot. Sam is a cop who has just relocated to PA to get away from the pain of loss. Rey is a short order cook/handyman who's down on his luck and trying to dig out. This makes for a hurt/comfort motherlode that's delicious. It's not easy for them to get there, and I appreciated the slow build.The secondary characters in this book added depth to the story, particularly Jennie, with other co-workers and friends adding nicely to the mix. I appreciated the story arc, which felt organic, well thought out, and tight. Not everything worked out in a perfect, happy ever after kind of way, which felt a lot more like real life than some stories do. Shifting POV midway through the story was surprising at first, but it was nice getting inside Rey's head and learning more about what made him tick. I ended up really caring what happened with these characters and was well satisfied by the end. This took me a little bit to get into mostly because of Rey, I hated his character at first but he definitely became more likable as the story went on. Sam was also another hard character to like, he just seemed so uptight at first. I think the main reason why I had so much trouble getting into this story was that it was more like real-life than a story. Things happened to Rey and Sam that changed them, thus affecting how they interacted with others and went about their lives; thus giving this book a more realistic feel than what I'm used to reading. Once I changed gears (in my head) I was able to enjoy the story.
3.5 stars. Felt a bit unfinished to me, but don't know if I'm interested enough to read a sequel.
Great Hurt Comfort a sdouble hurt comfort and also both being strong for the other a great read.
I think i really liked it until the last 14%. And then it went downhill from there. :(
My rating: 3.5 stars
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