Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, And Tragedy Inside The Johnson & Johnson Dynasty (2013)
Crazy Rich: Power, Scandal, and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty (2013)
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0312662114 (ISBN13: 9780312662110)
St. Martin's Press
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This tabloid style book with its overblown “tragedies” wasn’t for me. The Johnson’s wealth does not insulate them nor does it disproportionately create Life’s troubles. The “tragedies” and “scandals” of infidelity, divorce, drug overdose, and genetic illness are just plain life. The book was superficial in its focus on money and scandalous events with too many names and dates that I wasn’t going to memorize, because these people just are not that important. Then the author jumped around in time so much that it became even more confusing. I don’t see these people as tragic figures and certainly not interesting enough to write about. The book contained a great deal of insight, according to the authors research, for the Johnson & Johnson family. I cannot say that it captivated me but, like many biographies I pick up, I'll finish them. I wouldn't recommend it. It's an unauthorized biography with really nothing to back it up that I felt was credible enough. I read the tabloids occasionally and was familiar with the goings on of a few Johnson folks, but to go so far back and demonstrate the entire family as a travesty I thought was a bit inappropriate. There is something good in everyone.
This book is way too gossipy, and at times is nasty. Didn't like it at all.
Never has being mega rich seemed so, well, dull and depressing. And trashy.
Definitely will be reading more from Oppenheimer!
Note to self. I didn't like this book
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