Cream Puff Murder (2009)
Cream Puff Murder (2009)
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Another installment of the Hannah Swenson murder mystery series... Although the "relationships" Hannah has with Norman and Mike are not believable in today's society, I enjoy the search for each new murderer in the series. Having been a single person with a cat who was my biggest confidant, I thoroughly enjoy her discussions with Moishe. The cookie recipes make me hungry - someday I may try one. If you enjoy a "light" murder, this series is good for you. I honestly do not know why I still read this series. The whole Hannah can't choose between Norman and Mike thing is so ridiculous and has been going on so long it's just annoying and doesn't add anything to the story. Hannah is getting so spoiled it makes me start to really dislike her and I seem to care more for characters like Lisa and Andrea. There are way too many recipes thrown in to fill the book.It would be nice if the recipes were included in the end but not everywhere when the recipe/cookie is mentioned. I have decided to take a long and maybe permanent break from this series and author.
After reading this book, my vote is for her to choose Norman over Mike.
I'm so tired of this series. Same plot outline every time - it's old.
Another solid book about the goings on in Lake Eden
Fun story and great sounding recipes.
More of the same
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