Cronache Di Gerusalemme (2008)
Cronache di Gerusalemme (2008)
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8817057304 (ISBN13: 9788817057301)
Rizzoli Lizard
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Fantastic. From the handful of negative reviews I gather this isn't a book for people who can't cope with a sketch of Israel in anything but the most flattering light, but as someone at a long geographical and ideological remove, the book reads as advertised: the travelogue of a curious, good-naturedly irreverent observer of an astonishingly complex and troubled city that three quarters of a million people call home. It's not an exhaustive, definitive portrayal of Jerusalem, but it's a damn fine look at what it was like for a particular man and his family to make a life there as an outsider for a brief time. J'ai bien aimé ce style de chroniques au quotidien, sans doute que certains qualifieraient de subjectives, mais qui donnent un point de vue très personnel, près des gens, de la situation. Je vais certainement lire les autres BD de Guy Delisle, sur la Chine et la Corée du Nord, pour retrouver cette ambiance, cet éclairage personnel d'une ville dont on entend beaucoup parler mais dont le quotidien nous est étranger.Utiliser la BD pour ceci est fort intéressant.
Stories and events from a year spent living in Jerusalem. Read English version.
Well observed and executed, but the languid pace made it feel like homework.
Mielenkiintoinen katsaus elämään Jerusalemissa sarjakuvan keinoin.
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