Crossing Stones (2009)
Crossing Stones (2009)
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0374316538 (ISBN13: 9780374316532)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
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This book was a very interesting read. It takes place during the Civil War and is told from the viewpoint of a few different characters. The main character is a girl named Muriel. It goes through her life in particular focusing on her relationship with Frank Norman and how the war effects her and her family. It is written completely in verse so that was very different to read. The author did an amazing job with describing the different scenery and how everything played out so I really enjoyed that. This was really good, and really moving. I even cried. The verse really made this novel different, and the three POVs really gave this novel a voice.Crossing Stones follows four teenagers in 1917. Two boys and two girls; their families have intermingled for years. When the US gets involved in WWI, the two brothers leave and the girls are left to their own dreams.I really liked this piece, and since it was historical fiction, it really got to me.
Very touching look at an often forgotten topic, the women of WW1 who kept this country running.
Love her lyrical writing in historical fiction! Great tie in to WWW I and the Suffragists
Beautiful story of WWI and women's suffrage in America
This book is heartbreaking and beautifully sad.
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